Guitar Lessons in Reynoldsburg and Pickerington

     I  teach on Saturdays at the Music & Arts Store in Reynoldsburg, Ohio 

5999 East Main Street, Columbus, OH 43213 614-863-3200

I am also available for private lessons at my home in Pickerington on Monday and Tuesday evenings.  

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate 
  • Advanced
  • Adults and Children
  • Music Theory
  • Sight Reading
  • Rhythm and Lead Guitar
  • Electric and Acoustic guitar
  • Electric Bass Guitar
  • Rock
  • Blues
  • Jazz
  • Contemporary Christian and more!
  • All written materials provided!
  • Learn easily recognizable tunes and songs each incorporating a new guitar idea or technique, and each gradually progressing in complexity.
  • After a very short period of time the student will have a good repertoire of about a dozen songs.
  • At that point the focus shifts to songs that the student has always wanted to learn!

What You Can Expect If You Study With Me


Guitar Technique

Music Theory and Musicianship

Guitar Technique

I teach my students to learn visually and aurally.  I emphasize developing muscle memory.  I focus on posture, relaxation, and confidence building.

My Role includes facilitating the development of technique, explaining theoretical concepts, teaching a student to sight read, encouraging improvisation and writing, instilling discipline, and providing support and inspiration.

I help the student learn to become flexible in regards to tempo and volume while performing.  I teach my students to keep a steady and slow tempo while practicing.  I encourage students to play with others.

I teach students to keep playing in spite of a mistake.  I help the student "feel" the beats and the phrasing.

One of my goals is to help my student maintain an excitement and interest level that keeps them playing.  I reinforce the fundamental habits of good technique throughout the process, which leads to long term success.

My Guide To Excellence:

  1. Understand the importance of technique.  Select music that is appropriate for the student's skill level, but are challenging to the ears as well as the fingers.
  2. Practice.  Focus on the craftsmanship
  3. Learn to read music and musical notation
  4. Work on scales, intervals, arpeggios, and chords, all forms and inversions.
  5. Improvise.  Alter the Rhythm, melody, and harmony.
  6. Build Repertoire.  Select songs that best represent your style.
  7. Devise a plan to improve your skills.  Create a proper lesson plan centered around your needs and goals.
  8. Perform and have fun!



Music Theory and Musicianship

Guitar Technique

Learning Tunes is fundamental, and it makes playing the guitar fun!  I bring energy and enthusiasm to the tune-learning process.  I take pleasure in watching my students reach "tune milestones" as they grow musically.

Throughout the tune-learning, I emphasize and explain the song's harmony and the need to listen to sound of the chord progression.  My philosophy is that it is never too early in the lessons to introduce rules of harmonic motion.  I encourage my students to listen to and play along with the recordings of the tune and work on ear training.

As I explain a new tune, I will help the student identify the new sounds involved and the sounds of the different fret locations involved.  It is rewarding to help a student play what the student "hears" after listening to the music.

I hope to inspire students with the love of music, and keep the material interesting and challenging to give the student a reason to want to keep coming back to learn more.


Music Theory and Musicianship

Music Theory and Musicianship

Music Theory and Musicianship

I share my many years of performance experience with my students, and encourage them to make opportunities for performance.

After a detailed lesson on guitar technique, I follow with the study of the classic I IV V chord progression, and chords in the first and second positions on the guitar.

I motivate my students to practice, by showing that I genuinely care about their success on guitar.  I tailor my teaching to the students personality and  specific goals.  My students recognize that the more they practice, the more they are satisfied with the progress they make.

When my student is a young child, I keep an excellent line of communication open with the parents.  Parents are welcome to sit in son the lessons.  I work with parents to help them positively support their child's progress.  I help both student and parent recognize the real progress that's being made.

I share the insight and knowledge of guitar and music in general, that I have acquired over decades of study.  I will model how the student should sound and will also model the technique the student should use.  I am honest with my student about their sound and technique, while being respectful and focusing on having fun.  I want to assist my students to follow their dreams.