Frequently Asked Questions


Special Musical Memories for Your Special Day

Q:  What style of music do you play?

A:  I play instrumental solo guitar arrangements of love songs.  I play chord-melody style guitar. The arrangement includes both the song's melody and harmony.  At times I play with an accompaniment track that I pre-recorded for a fuller sound.  I typically perform on an acoustic/electric jazz archtop guitar, and also perform on acoustic-electric steel string and nylon string (classical) guitars.

Q:  Do you use amplification?

A:  Yes.  I use gentle amplification to provide a volume level that is enough to appreciate the music, but also comfortable for guests to speak to each other.  I strive to keep the volume just under the level of conversation.

Q:  Will you travel outside of Columbus?

A:  Yes.  I add a travel fee of $1 per mile (total one-way).  For example, if you live 100 miles from Columbus, I will add a total of $100 to my fee.

Q:  How much do you typically charge?

A:  My usual fee for the ceremony is $200.  For both the ceremony and the reception (cocktail reception or dinner) I typically charge $300.  Contact me for a quote based on your specific requirements.

Q:  Do we sign a contract?

A:  I will provide a performance agreement for your review and approval, detailing your required schedule and program. 

Q:  Do I have to meet with you in advance?

A:  No.  I am perfectly willing and able to work with you through email or phone.  If you would like to schedule a consult, please do no hesitate to let me know to make arrangements.

Q:  Can you give advice on song selections and musical programming?

A:  I have over 40 years of musical knowledge and experience that I will happily share in any way to assist you!

Q:  Do you need to attend our rehearsal?

A:  No.  Having consulted with you in advance about song choices, etc., I'll be fully aware of the format of your ceremony long before the big day.  Also, I am able to review the cues that I need the day of your wedding with your officiate or wedding planner prior to the ceremony.  I will coordinate with them so that the music aligns perfectly with the entrance of the bridal party.  I am skilled at bringing a song to a close during the ceremony so that it is tailored for the time  needed for that part of the ceremony.

 I often provide music during rehearsal dinners and for Sunday brunches after weddings, so please ask about my discounted fee for other wedding-related events.

Q:  Will you play a special request?

A:  Yes.  I am happy to accommodate special requests, and will gladly go the extra mile to learn your favorite song!  Please allow as much time as possible for the preparation of a beautiful solo guitar arrangement.  There is no additional fee for special requests, as I enjoy adding selections to my repertoire.

Q:  I have a friend who I'd like to have sing during the ceremony.  Will you accompany a singer?

A:  Yes.  I will gladly accompany your designated singer.  I recommend a rehearsal a day or two before the ceremony, if possible, and I may add a small fee for the rehearsal time.

Q:  Will you perform at same-sex weddings?

A:  Of course!

Q:  Do you require any special equipment?

A:  Just access to an electrical outlet.  I have all the necessary equipment, including a small PA system with a microphone, available for your use at no additional charge.

Q:  Do you play outdoor ceremonies?

A:  Yes.  I have the equipment to accommodate outdoor ceremonies.  In fact, beautiful guitar music and the open air setting creates a serene and welcoming environment!

Q:  What can I expect if I hire you to perform at my wedding?

A:  You can expect a high quality of service.  I am very responsive to any and all inquiries.  You will receive a good value at a good price.  I am very flexible, friendly and easy to work with.  I am always punctual and easy to communicate with.  I promise beautiful music that will perfectly accompany your celebration, whether the number of your guests is large or small.